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The Canadian Society for Asbestos Victims (CanSAV) has retired. 2009 - 2023

The treatment of asbestos related diseases as well as awareness for workers has seen vast improvements since we began this society. As such we have decided to retire. I would like to thank all those who have helped us since 2009 and in particular: Sheryl Thompson, Rohan Atherton, Chris Friesen, Jack Daugherty, and Brett Hyslop. was created in memory of my father, Michael Katzko, who lost his life to mesothelioma on January 1, 2008. Bob Katzko, Founder and Director”

Tribute to Michael Katzko

tribute katzkoMichael Katzko joined the Canadian Navy in 1942 to serve in the second world war. He was 18 years old. Mike served for two years on an escort ship called the Riviere du Loup. Escort ships provided protection to convoys with merchant ship bringing supplies to Great Britain.

In August 2007 Michael fell ill and went to a doctor to get a check up. Before this his health was excellent. He still drove his car and was an a master wood carver. After a series of tests it was determined he had a type of lung cancer - mesothelioma - it took 65 years for the cancer to metabolise. The Canadian Royal navy ships were full of asbestos - the insulation, the boilers, etc.

Only 4 months later on Jan. 1, 2008 he died from this disease.

It is ironic that having died from exposure on a Canadian Navy ship, Michael received compensation from a US manufacturer.

Mike is survived by his three sons, Mike, Gary and Bob.