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In 2006, Chris Friesan was informed that his father had been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Harvey Friesan had worked in the Royal Canadian Navy out of Halifax for 10 years in the 1950's. This is where he was exposed to the disease that would take his life 40 years later - the ships he worked upon contained asbestos.

In the months that followed, as Chris and his family drew together to support their father they grew familiar with the severity of the disease. Chris proceeded to apply for compensation on behalf of Harvey. As an obvious first step, Chris submitted an application to Veteran Affairs Canada. He and his father were deeply concerned that there may be thousands of men, and even more families, entitled to yet left unaware of their rights to claim this compensation.

The following links contain the public awareness caused by the passionate father and son, and the correspondence to various Canadian authorities. Dying Man Warns Ex-serviceman Thousands at Risk

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