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tribute claytonClayton was born in Thunder bay Ontario in Dec 9th 1946 where he lived his early years. The family came west and lived in Victoria and Northern BC. After serving an apprenticeship in carpentry he met his ex-wife Sheila Belle Foyer. They had two sons, Mike, the oldest, and Steven. They lived in Kamloops, BC for many years. Clayton was very well respected among his nieghbours. Clayton worked in the wall & ceiling industry doing T-bar and drywall. He died in Kamloops on June 8th, 2010. A victim of the asbestos industry, he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. He left his two sons and four grandchildren behind as well as his five surviving siblings.

tribute daveDave was born in Bristol, England on June 5th, 1938 and came to Canada in 1964 with his wife Lesley. After short stays in Saskatoon, Vancouver and Squamish, they made their home on the Sunshine Coast where they raised their family. As a young man, Dave was an avid athlete; he swam and cycled competitively in England. Once in Canada, with a family to care for, he shared his passion for sports by coaching and sponsoring a youth soccer team. In earlier years, he was an active member of Kinsmen, a community volunteer service.

Dave always found time to attend his kids' ball games, chaperone at Cub Camps, and help out at school sports days and other activities. A big kid at heart, Dave designed and built unique Halloween costumes for his kids and hosted a neighbourhood Halloween bonfire/fireworks display for many years.

tribute casselmanAn extraordinary and remarkable person who shared his wisdom abundantly, spread his compassion generously, and loved his family more than Life itself.

Jim was born in Yellowknife, NWT on September 26, 1942 to Anne and Jim Casselman. Unconditional love was woven into his fabric of youth by his parents, grandparents and very large extended family. The family moved several times during Jim's youth, eventually settling in Trail, B.C. where Jim graduated from High School.

Jim's inherent gift of learning and teaching, and his intense desire to honor this gift, provided a rich array of opportunities personally and professionally. His formal education included a Chemical Technician Certificate, Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education, Certificate in Public Administration, Amateur Radio License, Canadian Power Squadron Certificate, Intermediate Coastal Cruising and Mediterranean Cruising Certificate and Level One Coaching.

tribute katzkoMichael Katzko joined the Canadian Navy in 1942 to serve in the second world war. He was 18 years old. Mike served for two years on an escort ship called the Riviere du Loup. Escort ships provided protection to convoys with merchant ship bringing supplies to Great Britain.

In August 2007 Michael fell ill and went to a doctor to get a check up. Before this his health was excellent. He still drove his car and was an a master wood carver. After a series of tests it was determined he had a type of lung cancer - mesothelioma - it took 65 years for the cancer to metabolise. The Canadian Royal navy ships were full of asbestos - the insulation, the boilers, etc.

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